Monkey Santa

Monkey Santa

There’s just something cute about a primate in a Santa suit. Hey, doesn’t look too different from television news anchors, huh?

10 captions on “Monkey Santa

  1. VA:F [1.9.18_1163]
    jbent said:

    If you are good,he’ll leave you bananas..if you are naughty,well let’s just say you don’t want to be on the naughty list.

  2. VA:F [1.9.18_1163]
    Matt said:

    Ho Ho Ho, I just pooped my suit…

  3. VA:F [1.9.18_1163]
    Mac said:

    My favorite Christmas Carol…Jungle Bells

  4. VA:F [1.9.18_1163]
    Pratheesh said:

    Santa Claus is no monkey business…or is it?

  5. VA:F [1.9.18_1163]
    Toast said:

    Surprise bitch! Santa Claus is a monkey

  6. VA:F [1.9.18_1163]
    Gizmo said:

    “Do you still want to sit on my lap?”

  7. VA:F [1.9.18_1163]
    Debbie said:

    But do we give him dollars or bananas?

  8. VA:F [1.9.18_1163]
    1patriot said:

    “Shoot! What I won’t do to make a buck!”

  9. VA:F [1.9.18_1163]
    mikerafone said:

    Director: “OK, let’s try it again. Say “Ho Ho Ho”……….Coco: “OO OO OO!”………Director: “No! It’s Ho Ho Ho!” ……….Coco: “OO OO OO!”………Director: “I’ve had it! He’ll never get it! I quit!” [stomps off]…………Coco: “Was that a banana in his pocket or was he just happy to see me?”

  10. VA:F [1.9.18_1163]
    jondapicam said:

    Does this outfit make me look like a ding-a-ling or is it the bells?

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